"Give First, Grow Fast, Go Far"
"To Whom Much is Given 
Much is Required"
As part of our Lifestyle Experience We Give to Others First, We Grow Fast, and We Go Far. A Division of Heal is a Non-Profit dedicated to helping restore broken families.  We set out to enrich the lives of others.  One one leve we work really hard to have an incredible lifestyle full of freedom.  Time Freedom, Family Freedom, and Financial Freedom.  We also focus on giving others a healing hand up.    
Helping Restore Broken Families
One Day I was walking down the street looking at these families sitting at the restaurant for a Sunday meal.  Everyone looked so happy and I was unbelievably hungry.  I had no money, a negative bank account, my phone was disconnected, and I was sleeping on a couch in the basement of my friends Dad's house.   Later that day I had an idea that changed my life forever.  "Even though I don't have money, I do have time.  Tomorrow I give my time to helping other people in need. This simple act of giving helped me grow and soon enough I was would go on past that season of life.  We all have 3 things to give; Our time, our treasures, and our talents.  Sometimes we are low on money (treasures) but we are rich in time and that is where we are able to give best. 
Humble Beginnings, 
So Properous Our Future May Be!
"Our First Mission to Heal"
Giving Our Time, Treasures, and Talents
Stewardship involves all of life – body, mind and spirit, our material possessions, friendships, etc. All we are and have is a gift from our Creator for us to use wisely to build up God’s kingdom here on earth.

”Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,’ says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.’” Malachi 3:10 
Relaxation & Rejuvenation 
Laugh take a break, be young, dance, sing, smile, lay in a hammock, walk on the beach, take a power nap, sleep in, soak in a hot tub, get a massage, do some meditation, exercise, take a break, call a friend, go shopping, go to a moive, cook a family meal, do some deep breathing, go play with the kids, swim in the ocean, get some sun, drink a coconut on the beach, just chill....life doesn't always have to be go, go, go, stress, stress, stress....trust us and get into the Relaxation and Rejuvenation Zone. 
Time, Family & Financial Freedom
What does freedom mean to you? We strive to help our community have a more rewarding life and to boost thier freedom on every level.  Time freedom means you get to make your own schedule.  Family freedom means you get to enjoy the love of the family all year round.  Financial freedom means you can give what you want to give, buy what you want to buy, and fly where you want to fly.  
Traveling World, Seeing New Places
Traveling is the most rewarding experience.  We are able to taste new foods, meet new people, experience different cultures and lifestyles.  Something magical happens when you are out seeing the world.  We either forget how much we love home or we get inspired to go and live in new places.     
What You Can Hold In Your Head,
You Can Hold in Your Hand...
...with no limitiations!
Give First
Grow Fast
Go Far
Give Others A Better Life
Time is a very precious gift. Most of us feel we don’t have enough time for all the things we want to do. Everyone is given the same amount of time: 24 hours each day, 168 hours each week.  Take a little time to help others, take a little money to help others, share your gift to help others.  
The Art of Relaxing!
We are going to be prime examples how to work hard, play hard, and relax even harder.  Not laziness, but a day of rest.  This is the ulitmate faith check. Do you believe you are being provided for?  or Do you feel like you must control everything and as a result you never have control over your destiny.  Stick around our community and you will see how incredible life becomes with your believe, trust, and rest.  Nothing like relaxing underneath a palm tree, in a hammock, with friends, laugther, a breeze, the sun and the moon all shinning just for you. 
Trapped in the Land of the FREE!
The amount of people trapped in their job, trapped in your finances, trapped in their bodies, and ultimately trapped in their beliefs it sickening!  We have a global mission to set people free.  Those living in the land of the free but trapped and self-imprisioned must be awakened by our refreshing light.  Every day is a new opportunity to share with others your experience in hopes they are set free. 
Where to Next? 
Thank you for taking the time to navigate this website.  I had an idea I wanted to leave you with.  Let's plan some amazing world wide trips together.  The only thing that stops people from traveling it time and money.  If you work hard enough, help enough people and stick to the plan (Give First, Grow Fast, and Go Far) we will go far together on many epic journeys around the world.  Where to next?
You Deserve An Abundant Life!
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"Give First, Grow Fast, Go Far"