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We Have Partned up with the top Doctors, Scientists, and Research Experts In the World Bringing You the Best of the Best for Your Health.   Dr. Pichaet and the team with APCO, Asian Phytoceutical Publily Traded Company is Supplying Our Customers with the Purest, Most Powerful, Plant-Based Wellness Products Found Anywhere in the World.  Backed by a 30 Year Old Publicly Traded Company and Ample Scientific Research and 10,000's of Case Studies.  We are Beyond Grateful To Help You Boost and Balance Your Immunity Today. 
Stephen Munson, World Traveler
First let me tell you what I know about being sick.  16 years I was a drug addict.  Xanax for stress, ambien for sleep, pain killers to feel normal, cocaine to socialize and loads of alcohol.  I got sober, really sober.  Before I did I lost 27 friends most to prescription pills including my brother Ryan.  It was a bit of a disaster.  When I got sober things got worse and quick.  The amounts of stress and sleepless nights wore me down.  Things started to pick up and out of no where my best friend died of Cancer.  He was 34 and the happiest, most energetic and strongest person I knew.  It was devestating and led to major bouts of depression and this brutal battle of inflammation.  I was sick for many months and thought I was next to die.  Countless blood scans and doctor visits left me feeling hopeless.  Before long my body was highly allergic to every day foods like Bananas, Strawberries, Vanilla, Garlic and Black Pepper.  One taste and I was toast!  This was my life up until about 1 year ago, 98% sickness.  From disease to death I have seen it all.  Thankfully God must of had a plan for my life as I walked away with a now perfect bill of health.  Since 2009 I have studied health like it was my life.  Partly because I was dying from the life I was living and probably because I was called to help others heal.  I've become addicted to plant based health and while traveling the world I discovered the solution I've always dreamed of.  This is 100% the #1 Health Product I've ever used and I've tried over 500 different products in the past 3 years alone.  No comparision what this does to your body and based on scientific proof this is a true health discovery that has been  helping others for 30 years or longer.  Trust me when I say, "Look into this today".  If you want to be in the Health Zone it all begins with balancing your immunity.  
Live a Longer, Healthier, Better Lives..
..Feeling Calm, Clear, Strong, and Energized. 
The Power of Balanced Immunity 
Your immune system works hard to protect and support you every day in every way. It is controlled by your white blood cells.  You have 20-55 billion white blood cells and you want them all in harmony to function and balance immunity.  It’s like your personal defense system designed to work exclusively on your behalf. Studies have shown that the immune system is one complex entity. It not only attacks foreign invaders that it identifies to be problematic, but it also affects your overall well-being, from your energy levels to the complexion of your skin. This means that feeling great each day relies on a well-balanced and strong immune system.
The Power of Challenges.
Challenges create growth. You grow your skills.  You grow your values.  You grow your relationships.  You grow you satisfaction.  Accepting a challenge is when you destroy the excuses we allow to limit our human ability to grow.   No matter your goal is you will want to challenge yourself to reach it and nothing beats a community challenge with amazing like-minded people. 
The Power of Plants 
A living plant is a complex system with thousands of interacting chemicals, and many of them work together in synergy – creating a greater impact than the effect of consuming isolated components.  Our Bodies are complex and very powerful and we must constantly nourish them with proper fuel and balanced nutrition so that we flourish and live incredible lives.  "Let Food Be Thy Medicine"
The Power of Sleep
Sleep is the single most important element to health. When you don't sleep you don't recover and you don't heal.  Sleeping has many benefits and some are beleived to be: Live longer, curb your inflammation, Improved memory, spur creativity, improve function, sharpen attention, achieve healthy weight, lower stress, avoid mistakes, steer clear of depression. 
Scientifically Proven to  Increase  
Th1, Th2, Th9, Th 17 by 500%  
...with no harmful side effects. 
Keeping Your Body In Balance
Immune function is incredibly sensitive to aggravators like poor diet, stress, aging, and lack of sleep - all of which can affect your immune health and possibly lead to an imbalance in your system.  Having a well-tuned immune system allows your body to target the right enemies and helps you feel your absolute best long-term.
Pushing Yourself To Another Level
Our Community Loves to Throw Down a Good Challenge.  Our 4 Week SWEAT Challenge burn fat and boost energy. The 4 Week Immunity BOOST Challenge.  Personal 1 on 1 challenges, group challenges, fun challenges, and money challenges.  
Learning From Modern Medicine
While scientific research has largely contributed to the rise in pharmaceutical drugs, it is also expanding our understanding of the effectiveness of medicinal herbs and how they actually, mechanically effect our body organs and systems. The more we learn, the more we confirm that medicinal herbs used in ancient healing traditions are, indeed, healing.
"You Sleep When You Die"
The slogan of those "hustling".  Giving up sleep is sometimes required to make things happen in life especially if you have a family, you are an entrepreneur and anyone wanting to achieve more.  However sleep is known to help us create the resources to be our greatest.  We help people sleep better, it is just that simple! 
You Deserve An Abundant Life!
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