The Cure For Education
Learn From Someone Living It, 
and Become The Teacher!
Turn Pain into Profits, Time into Treasures, and Gifts into Gold
The Cure For Education Means No More Expensive Gurus Selling Online Garbage To People Wanting to Succeed, No More Borning E-Courses That Drain Your Minds and Wallets.  This is fresh, fun, and focused on getting you into the zone. 
Stephen Munson, World Traveler
I've got a Bachelor's Degree in Business & Hospitality from the University of Central Florida. I left college with a degree, a debt and a dead end road. Managerial Job was societies path to success. Now we know better but we are still struggling to learn what we want. The reason is information overload. Anytime you want to learn something you can google it and boom you have 1,000's of potential rabbit holes. Very often we find an "expert" who made some weak course sending the students away discouraged more than ever. In the past 5 years alone I've read 300 books, I've been mentored by over a dozen millionaires, and I've learned hands from some of the most skilled people in their field. I've also self-taught in areas of writing, video editing, creating websites, graphics design, logos, branding, social media marketing, sourcing, distribution, negotiating and world traveling (yes it is a skill).  
I'd rank myself as an expert degree in the art of emotional mastery, health & wellness, traveling, and faith. I'm highly advanced in affiliate marketing and creating systems. For one I will personally guide you to greatness and second, we will bring in the most skilled in the world to work with your hands on. If you are willing to put in the work, you will win!  
Bye-Bye Boring E-Learning
Finally a Fun, Interactive, Epic Way to Learn
Don't Climb Everest Without a Local Guide
Our Guides are living the life to seek to live and therefore are going to take you on a journey where you want to go.  We are often fooled to follow the wrong people for too long down a dead-end road.  We waste our time, money and energy.  We end up frustrated, discouraged, and disappointed.  Those days are behind you and now you can follow and EXPERT GUIDE who is living the type of life you want. 
Always going to the next level 
Learning is like climbing a mountain.  Once you reach a peak you are exhausted, you set up camp, you rest, and you rise in the morning for another day.  Our education platform is a step-by-step interactive system designed to help you get to the next level.  Set a goal, work hard to achieve it, enjoy that level of life, and focus on the next big champsionship to take your life to the NEXT LEVEL. 
Learn Any Place at Any Time 
As a Traveling Nomad Entrepreneur I've found my best learning times on buses, in airport, and laying on the beach under a palm tree.  This cool learning platform gives you the ease to access any place, any device and any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.  Learn at home or learn on the go.  
Gamify Learning and Win Life
Progress=Happiness.   Hard work is not the problem.  Most of us work hard every day of our life.  The challenge is when we don't know how far we have to go, we feel lost, and we don't have any incentive to learn.  Our courses are set up so you know exactly how much you have completed, what you scored on the quizzes and when you will finish. Plus we have some set up for you to win prizes competiting against other students.  
Sneak Peak into Youniversity Education
Countless Ways To Take Your Life to The Next Level 
Learning From a Guide
Learn from someone is living your dream.  Learn from someone who has already achieved what you want.  If you want to write a book, you learn from someone who has already written a book.  If you want to learn how to market onlin, you learn from someone who is successful marketing online.  If you want to learn how to get in shape, you learn from someone who is fit. 
Learning To Go Further
Setting small goals, achieving them, and setting a new goal.  Waking up everyday with a hunger to acheive your dreams and attacking the day as if it was your last day on earth. Living a life without regrets and never looking back saying I WISH I WOULD OF DONE....
Learning on the Go
Look back and ask yourself where did you learn the most and the best?  Which environments help you learn at your greatest potential.  Maybe it is driving in the car or riding your bike.  Find your best zone to learn and get in that zone daily.  
Learn the Game of Life
Life is a game and you are destined to win.  You are truly unstoppable now that you are getting into the zone, having fun, helping people, taking on challenges, supporting others, getting momentum, and breaking limiting beliefs. This is the game of life, and you have won! 
You Deserve An Abundant Life!
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The Cure For Education